Research shows that children excel in school when their parents and families are involved in their education. Grades are better, test scores are higher, self esteem grows, and the schoolhouse itself improves. We encourage parents, extended family members, and community members to join our PTA to help us work towards providing the best learning environment for our children.


By joining the PTA, you receive many member benefits including a voice in our school’s organization with opportunities to directly impact Seventh District Elementary, access to online resources from the state and national level PTAs, and a network of parents, legislators, and leaders all working together to engage and empower our students, teachers, and schoolhouse community.



At Seventh District Elementary we raise the majority of our PTA funds through direct donation in an effort to eliminate frequent sales and fundraisers. Your donation will make a direct impact in providing resources and activities for our children, teachers, and school community. You can can direct donate via PayPal, check, or cash or help by other means such as Amazon Smile and school rewards programs.