August 22, 2014

Welcome volunteers!

You must attend volunteer training before volunteering at any BCPS school.  Click HERE to be redirected to a list of volunteer training dates.


Not sure where you're interested in volunteering?  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deb Kramen at to find out where your talents are needed!


If you signed up to volunteer for our PTA committees this year, thank you!  Commitee Chairs will be in contact with their teams throughout the year.

Please see our Contacts page for a list of all of our committees and contacts.  Any committee without a contact listed is in need of a Chair.  Our Vice President, Betsi Cogan is the coordinator for all PTA commitees-please contact her with any questions!

Ongoing In-School Volunteer needs:

Where? What will I be doing? Contact:

organizing and shelving books, helping students as needed

Click here to see the library volunteer calendars for the rest of the 2012-2013 school year:  

Library March 2014

You can also drop in to help out at any time, or contact Betsi to be added to the calendar!

Betsi Cogan

awarding kids for good behavior, helping open lunch items, assisting as needed (this is a great chance to see your child during the school day!)

Please follow this link to use our online signup tool: 

Candice Weinstein
Copy Center

helping to prepare materials for all teachers

Click here to use our online sign up tool:

Rhonda Clark