August 23, 2017

Italian Ice @ Rita’s

Show your school support and enjoy a treat served by Seventh District Faculty and Staff!

Date:  Thursday, September 14, 2017

Time:  5:00 – 8:00 pm

Place: 466 Shrewsbury Commons Ave, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania 17361

A portion of sales will go directly to the PTA!!  

There will also be a Dollar Raffle for an opportunity to win a Rita’s Ice Party for your child’s homeroom class!

Here is our June Calendar!

PTA Calendar-Jun

Check out our May calendar!

PTA Calendar-May

Teacher Appreciation Week

Mark your Calendars…

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is May 1st – May 5th


How can you help celebrate?


TUESDAY MAY 2 is designated as “Thank You Tuesday.”  

Please have your child write a Thank You Note to a 

Teacher or Staff Member and deliver it on Tuesday!  


Update for Parents’ Night Out!


For those purchasing in advance, you will receive an email confirmation by 4/21 (Friday Morning)



BIDDING STARTS NOW & Auction closes on 4/22 at 10:00pm !





Go to our Parents' Night Out event page for all the important details!  

April Updates

Hello 7th District Elem Friends!

We have several updates to our website to share today!

As always, any thoughtful questions, nice comments and brillant suggestions are welcome!  smiley

PTA:  mail


“Luck of the Buck” Coin Collection & Spirit Week

Download and print pdf here –>  Luck of the Buck 2017

NEW DATE! 5th Grade Yearbook Dedication

Great News!  We have been given an extension for submitting a 5th Grade Yearbook Dedication!  

It is now March 6th!  

Please go to the Yearbook Page for details on how to order a dedication to your special 5th grader!



Need some ideas for your dedication?  


Include a Photo

If space permits, including a photo personalizes a yearbook dedication even more. For a fifth grader, an ideal dedication may be a small collage of school photos from kindergarten through fifth grade or a photo of your child with family members. This photo can be further personalized by superimposing your child's name, fifth grade school year and a brief note of congratulations over the image. Be sure to use a crisp photo that will print clearly in the yearbook.

Use a Quote or Poem

If your child has a favorite book, movie or poem, include a reference to it. These can be humorous or profound, depending on the tone of the dedication and your child's interests. If no quote comes to mind, common options include lines from "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss or quotes from Walt Disney, such as "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Personalize the Congratulations

Many yearbook dedications, while incorporating pictures or graphics, stick with the ordinary notes that state, "Congratulations!" To make the dedication special, personalize why you're congratulating your child. For example, congratulate her on perfect grades, winning a soccer game during the year or a great ballet performance. Your child will be able to remember her accomplishments every time she looks through the yearbook.

Talk to Multiple People

If there is enough room in the dedication, get dedications from multiple people. While parents usually make the dedication themselves, a child is likely to appreciate receiving congratulations from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, teachers and other people who are important to them. As an added bonus, each person in the dedication should sign the child's yearbook as well.


Math Tutors Needed

2nd Grade is looking for Math Tutors!

Please know, it is not necessary that you have a child in  2nd Grade in order to volunteer.  Anyone interested in tutoring Math who has completed BCPS Volunteer Training can participate.  

Activities may include counting money, telling time or reviewing fast facts.  

Please use the following links to learn additional details on this exciting volunteer opportunity.  

Mrs. Rehrey's Math Tutor Volunteers

Mrs. Covey's Math Tutor Volunteers

Some classroom supplies at low levels

Seventh District Families,

Congratulations on a successful 100 days of school! 

Based on valuable feedback and the desire to support our teachers in their day to day efforts, the following is a mid-year "wish-list" of specific teacher/grade level requests.  These requests include items that are currently depleted or are at a low supply level. 

If you see fit, please send in the following items to your child's classroom teacher.  This list is fluid and will be updated periodically!  Thank you in advance for your contributions!  Nicole Smith


Mrs. Gaede:  Glue Sticks, Crayons, Play-dough 


First Grade:

Mrs.Layden:  Tissues and Post-it Notes 

Mrs. Espinoza:  Glue Sticks 


All Second Grade:  

Tissues, Dry Erase Markers and Post-it Notes 


All Third Grade:

Tissues, Glue Sticks, Large-sized Bags with Slide Zipper, Tissues and Dry Erase Markers

*Earbuds/Headphones and Computer Mice (please check with your child to see if their equipment is functioning or in need of replacement- this varies from student to student) 


Fourth Grade:

Mrs. Porter:

Glue Sticks, Pencils, Tissues

*Earbuds/Headphones (please check with your child to see if their equipment is functioning or in need of replacement- this varies from student to student) 


Mrs. Ferrari:  Pencils, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer 


All Fifth Grade:  

Glue Sticks, Pencils, Tissues